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Elizabeth Ann Hair Jewellery

Aphrodite | Elizabeth Ann Hair Jewellery

Aphrodite | Elizabeth Ann Hair Jewellery

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Named after the Goddess of Beauty, a joyful and optimistic Goddess. Represented by pearls, as they are a natural wonder of the ocean. This piece is dainty and very feminine. 

Made with Swarovski crystals, each piece is delicately handmade by Beth, our wonderful Assistant Manager. She also offers a made-to-order service, in which you can send her inspiration and examples of what you are looking for. Taking her time to talk to you and learn what you would like, she then creates a gorgeous unique piece for you. To enquire about prices, time and any more information, please contact her through instagram @elizabethannjewellery

Please note that these pieces do take time, allow a 2 month gap between you commissioning a piece and the date of the event. Prices start from £60 and increase  depending on size and intricacy.  

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